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About NFF


The National Forest Foundation (NFF) works with communities and organizations to conserve and enhance the watersheds, wildlife habitat and wild places across our 193-million-acre National Forest System.

Grant Programs:
We sponsor On-the-Ground and Capacity-Building Grant Programs in support of local organizations. The NFF matches federal funds to private dollars, doubling the resources available for conservation projects and small grants to new community-based stewardship organizations.

Our conservation programs focus on community-based forest stewardship, watershed restoration, wildlife habitat improvement, and recreation.

Carbon Capital Fund:

The NFF also operates a Carbon Capital Fund, conducting forest restoration work that helps mitigate global climate change. Visitors to the website can calculate their carbon footprint using the NFF’s Carbon Calculator or make a donation to support carbon sequestration projects on our National Forests and Grasslands.

Conservation Campaign:
With millions of acres in need of restoration and millions of people unaware of how National Forests enrich their lives, the National Forest Foundation (NFF) set forth on a campaign of restoration. We are working to restore our damaged forests and restore Americans’ connection to these public lands.

Our goals in this campaign to Revitalize Our Forests and Strengthen Our Natural Connection include:

  • implement stewardship projects that nurture more resilient forest ecosystems.
  • restore landscapes damaged by wildfire, insects, disease and natural disasters to provide scenic, watershed, wildlife and carbon sequestration benefits.
  • invest in the strength of communities of interest and communities of place, helping people convert their passion for forests into meaningful and sustainable conservation actions.
  • help the American public to fully understand, savor and appreciate all that our National Forests have to offer – building lasting connections with the lands that give us clean air and water, diversity of life, and fulfilling outdoor recreation opportunities.
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